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      CIGS Solar Cell  Equipment Overview
      CIGS thin film can dramatically reduce the cost of manufacturing solar cell with a high production yield. Started from 2004, Dalux has been focusing on research and manufacturing of the completed TURN-KEY system for CdS treatment, module plant production line and related products of CIGS solar cells equipment.

      DALUX Perfornmence
      • 2005          Delivered over two digits of Dalux R2R-CdS Coater system worldwide, majorly in USA.
      • 2006          Delivered 3 lines of CIGS on Glass(CBD & KCN)
      • 2009          One full line wastewater treatment system started running in a CIGS factory 
      • 2010          Around 200MW/a world wide of CIGS-PV produced via Dalux System                   
      Typical CIGS Structure

      Our Technology
      • Before conducting the sputtering, substrate cleaning process can decrease the contact angle and ensure the quality of Mo layer.
      • Through KCN micro-etching before the deposition of CdS thin film, it can decrease the roughness of CIGS surface and reduce the pin hole which may produce during the later CBD process.
      • DALUX equipment, CBD Coater, applies the technology of Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) to coat nano thin films on the substrates of glass and foil.
      • During the CBD process, the CdS thickness and uniformity can be controlled by adjusting the distribution of flow rate, density and temperature.