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      Dalux possessed professional specialists and out-standing manage group which is pursuing for sustainable management and business expanding. In this growing period of company, Dalux is looking for well-trained and motivated individuals who are good at team work and willing to take challenges to join us.
      Benefits for our employees
      • Consummated Insurance
      DALUX cares about employees’ health and benefits, so we provide consummated insurance, including labor insurance, nation health insurance, accident insurance, group insurance and other subsidies.
      • Entertainment
      Employee welfare committee provides financial assistance for department gathering parties, holding kinds of leisure activities and annual tour to make every partner in the company enjoy the leisure time.
      • Training
      Dalux consider every employee as our most important assets. We provide a working environment for employees to apply your professions, devoting their enthusiasm to their job and get back on success. Except from orientation, we encourage taking further training or work related-courses by offering financial assistance.
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