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      About DALUX
      Home About DaluxAbout DALUX
      Founded in 1992, DALUX Group started from an agent of automation equipments and developed to a professional equipment supplier, which focused on equipment manufacturing and providing turnkey production line, in the field of Flat-Panel Displays and Thin-film Solar Cell. In order to become a leading brand of equipment manufacturer in this fast-changing environment, we always dedicate to innovation, upgrading our technology and searching for better solution to elevate the efficiency of manufacturing system for customers. DALUX already got 15 patents for our equipments and 3 patents for thin-film solar cell module.
      DALUX TECH has registered capital of USD 8.9 million and obtained ISO9001: 2000 certificate. Our company and manufacturing base, provided single machine, complete sets of equipment, production lines and whole plant manufacturing, is located in Jong-Li Ind. Zone, Taiwan, and covered an area of 9100 square meters.
      With our faith, “Service is marketing”, understand customers’ requirements and satisfy their needs is the most important mission to Dalux. Our goal is helping clients to find the best solution for production line and facility planning. Through our advanced skill and qualified equipment, DALUX can always earn customers’ trust and build up their competitive advantage.